“I am thankful for LYDIA because without them I don’t know where I’d be. Look at this plate…my dinner…I know I’d be hungry out there and cold. I’d probably have to look for food in garbage cans. God must love me.” – LYDIA Resident

LYDIA’s Residential Treatment program provides a structured, therapeutic environment for children and adolescents with serious behavioral issues, many of whom have been traumatized by abuse or neglect. Our aim is to provide healing and to teach these children the practical life skills they need to live in a home setting successfully.

Children are referred for Residential Treatment for serious emotional and behavioral issues such as aggression, suicidal thoughts, impulsiveness and many others. Our staff — which includes Therapists, Case Managers, Supervisors, Child Care Workers, Education Specialists, Consulting Physicians and a Nurse — provides our 40 residents with a high degree of structure and consistency. This, in addition to genuine care and concern, enables children to feel safe so that they can start to heal.

Whenever possible, we encourage family participation in the treatment process. Regular visits, activities, educational programs, ongoing staff consultation and family therapy provide opportunities for children and their family members to establish positive, healthy relationships.

We also emphasize recreation and spiritual development, through regular church attendance, participation in youth programs and instruction by staff. As we interact with the children and adolescents day by day, our desire is for them to experience God’s love and trust Him to bring about lasting change in their lives.

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LYDIA’s residential program seeks to use the time residents are in our care to give the youth coping skills, along with therapy, to move past anger or hurt from childhood trauma. This was the [...]

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The name “LYDIA” comes from the Book of Acts, which tells the story of a first-century Christian woman who was a dealer in purple cloth. When she saw that the Apostle Paul and his friends had no [...]

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