Intact Family Services

Intact Family Services ensures the safety and well-being of children, without the need for removal and out-of-home placement, by providing families with needed in-home services. The goal is to see the overall number of children in substitute care continue to decrease slowly over time. It is designed to assist families who have been reported to DCFS for concerns of abuse or neglect.  LYDIA Staff ensures the child’s development, safety and well-being by strengthening and supporting families. Through this program, families are assigned a case manager, who provides and links families with an array of supportive services.

Services provided include:

  • Case management services: case managers monitor families regularly to ensure that they are on track and needed services are being received
  • Counseling: counseling services are offered for adults, children, couples and families
  • Substance-abuse services: when needed referrals for both inpatient and outpatient drug treatment programs are available to all family members.
  • Home-based services: a variety of physical, mental and behavioral health services can be made available to families in their homes
  • Parenting training: classes are provided to help improve the parenting practices of families
  • Linkages to services available in the community: additional referrals are provided to families on an as needed basis for other community-based services such as support groups, food pantries, housing, employment training and continuing education programs