Leaving a legacy of hope

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Gayle and Charlotte with family
Left: Charlotte and Gayle. Right: Gayle and six adopted children.

The picture to the left above is nothing short of a miracle. The smiles of a mother (Gayle) and daughter (Charlotte) took years of trials and lots of love to get to where they are today.

Charlotte was removed from the home of her birth parents and later placed at LYDIA in the residential program because of her anger and aggression. At 12 years old, she moved into foster care with Gayle. In order to be the mom Charlotte needed, Gayle had to sacrifice much. “It wasn’t easy. We’re not used to kids coming with so much baggage; that’s more of an adult thing.” As a single mom, Gayle went through a lot with Charlotte. “I didn’t have any kids of my own because I didn’t really like kids. I never even held a baby until I was 57. That’s how I know it’s a God thing.” It was not until Charlotte turned 18 that she began really trust and love Gayle. The reason for this change was actually through a turn of events with her birth mother. After more than six years, Charlotte finally recognized all that Gayle was to her: a loving mother!

Today, at age 67, Gayle has six adopted children including Charlotte. Gayle’s advice for others, “Make a decision, don’t look back and totally commit. If the door opens, you have to walk through. If you miss God’s will, you’ll never be happy or satisfied.”

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