LYDIA provides HOPE, HEALING, and HOME to children in foster care.

HOPE is a future.

Lydia empowers kids exposed to trauma to believe in a brighter tomorrow.

HEALING is the restoration of God-given dignity.

Lydia provides an integrated, holistic approach to help children recover from the emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse they’ve endured.

HOME is finding a child’s forever family.

For those who live at Lydia, home means a safe and nurturing environment for them to grow.

LYDIA Home Association is a Christian, non-profit organization that has been serving children in Chicago since 1916. Our mission is to strengthen families to care for children and to care for children when families cannot.Our programs are meant to both serve youth in care and be a blessing to our local community. Please see our programs page to learn more.

LYDIA Home Association was named after a woman in the Bible recorded in the book of Acts. The woman, Lydia, was a faithful, Godly woman who opened her home to those who needed shelter. (Acts 16:14-15)