LYDIA International was established in 2000 as an outgrowth of LYDIA Home Association in Chicago, Illinois, USA – with a passion for the emotional and spiritual well-being of at-risk children and families around the world.

Our first International outreach was launched that year in northeastern India where hundreds of children were recently orphaned after tribal conflicts within the state of Manipur. Our hearts were overjoyed as Believers financially responded to the aftermath of this crisis and an orphanage was erected to care for 50 of these children. LYDIA Home in Imphal, Manipur continues to operate under the control of the local Christian community.

LYDIA International presently has long-term missionary staff in Romania, France, and China and has been involved in training & consultation outreaches in India, Indonesia, Jamaica, and Africa.

Core Principles:

  • To further the Gospel of Christ by ministering to those identified as being in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance, such as the orphans, widows in distress and the poor.
  • To partner with other established agencies worldwide in order to train Christian workers to be more effective in addressing the spiritual and emotional needs of children at risk.
  • To provide excellence in professional service with the best available resources obtained through training, supervision.
  • To work with government systems in order to improve practices so they can more effectively support families and care for children.

Mission: LYDIA International seeks to honor Jesus Christ by working in alliance with the local church to help children in crisis and rebuild families by addressing their spiritual, social, physical, and emotional needs, while being sensitive to their culture and community.


  • Healthy children and caring families;
  • Creating opportunities for self sufficiency;
  • Partnering with national churches and organizations;
  • Evangelically honoring Christ;
  • Respectful and culturally sensitive.

Vision: To be directed by Christ and the needs of struggling communities towards helping children and families at risk internationally.

Purpose: To intervene and stabilize the distressful situations of children and families around the world with the hope of building up the local church and introducing the life changing power of Jesus Christ.

Click here to download the LYDIA International Statement of Faith